The Conti Judicial Philosophy
  • A judge must interpret the law, not rewrite it.
  • Violent offenders should be kept off the streets.
  • Repeat offenders should face increased punishment until they correct their behavior.
  • Domestic violence and DUI convicts should be closely monitored for probation compliance.
  • DUI, alcohol-related reckless driving, and underage drinking convicts must attend a victim-impact panel in my courtroom to see what damage their mistakes could cause for others.
  • Counseling programs should be available to all convicts who are willing to work to improve their lives.

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First-Term Accomplishments

  • Created a monthly Victim Impact Panel program and requires attendance for those convicted of DUI, alcohol-related reckless driving, and underage possession /consumption of alcohol.
  • Improved the output of the Dreamy Draw Justice Court by 62% in the first six months in office, taking our court from least to most efficient in Maricopa County.
  • Reduced a significant backlog of civil and small claims cases
  • Volunteered as one of four pilot courts for the new electronic case filing system
Thank You... For choosing competence and experience by honoring me with your vote on Nov. 4, 2008.

With your support, our Dreamy Draw Justice Court will continue to become more efficient, professional, and user-friendly.

Yours truly,
Frank J. Conti