Frank J. Conti Justice of the Peace Dreamy Draw Justice Court

Competence, Diligence, Integrity.

I was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania, a small industrial town fifty miles north of Pittsburgh. My father was a disabled Korean War veteran who worked as a real-estate specialist for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. He passed away in 1999. My mother was a registered nurse and a nursing instructor, and is now retired. I have three brothers and three sisters, one of whom died as an infant.


On the train from Ellis Island the conductor had to put a sign around my grandfather's neck with the name of his destination so that he would not miss his stop. My grandfather insisted that his six children speak only English at home, as he believed that mastery of the language would ensure their success in the New World. He was right. His four daughters became nurses. One of his two sons was a teacher, head coach of the local high school baseball and basketball teams, and later the principal. His other son entered the priesthood and was ultimately appointed Roman Catholic Bishop of Harrisburg, PA by Pope John Paul II.


I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to do the work I love best--serving the public from the bench in "The People's Court."